Cleansweep Services - exterior mechanical sweeping, cleaning & landscaping

Regenerate your site with our mechanical sweeping, litter removal, jet wash and landscaping solutions.

Our Clients

SeGro plc (formally Slough Estates Ltd)
BNP Paribas
Comland Commercial Properties
ISS Waterers
G Burley & Sons
Winnersh Triangle Estate
Colliers CRE
Avery Dennison
Simon Elvin
...and many more!

Mechanical Sweeping - Car Parks, Business & Retail Parks

A Mechanical Sweep is an economic and easy way to instantly improve the overall appearance your car park, retail or business park. Unwanted dirt, mud, litter, cigarette butts, leaves and debris from deciduous trees or bushes etc are quickly removed from the hard standing surfaces, including all kerbed areas leaving a clean and tidy site.

Regular Mechanical sweeping can help prevent the establishment and growth of moss, algae and weeds. By removing these organic and decaying materials the surface can dry out quicker and therefore any weed seeds are less likely to find a suitable environment to thrive.

Mechanical sweeping can also help prevent physical damage to the surface itself. If organic and decaying material is left laying on the ground this harbours moisture and during freezing conditions expands and can lead to local break up/dislodging of the actual surface material.

Additional benefits of mechanical sweeping

Reduction in blocked drainage.

Improved sale ability especially for property developers and owners.

No build up of cigarette butts around entrances to premises.

Less risk of vermin entering the site to feed off rubbish and litter.

Removal of garden mulch, debris and leaves from parking areas.

Removal of fallen leaves from deciduous trees and shrubs.

Reduced build-up of moss in damp areas.

An environmentally friendly place to work.

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